Tango Bullet Review: Enhancing Self-Love

In the world of sex toys, there are many varieties, colors, sizes, and types. But have you ever heard of vibrating bullets?

What is a vibrating bullet?

These small bullets can be your friend in times of loneliness and self-love or in the company of your partner to make the most innovative and special sexual encounter. Although they are still a type of vibrator but small in size and pocket-friendly to move and go unnoticed without anyone noticing. That is, this sex toy will serve to give you pleasure and stimulate you. But many people still do not imagine that these bullets are smaller vibrators, and therefore they do not know how to use a vibrating bullet.


They are very easy to use sex toys, and their morphology is like a vibrating bullet, so this obvious explanation, it will help you in your sexual stimulation ritual.

Now, as a personal recommendation, we want to recommend the We-vibe sex tango bullet, this brand has a great popularity for offering its customers good quality products at the best price on the market, in the case of the We-vibe sex tango bullet, it is a vibrator of a smaller size, perfect for keeping it in your pocket, it is made of plastic, although you may not imagine that it is a powerful vibrator because of its size, you will be surprised how booming and satisfying it is, also this small vibrator is 100% waterproof, so you can use it in the bathtub, shower, jacuzzi, swimming pool or even on the beach; It is perfect for new experiences and initiations in sex toys, it is very easy to use, it is light, easy to store, discreet and offers you a speed package so that you can choose the perfect one for you with strong settings that make you feel in the clouds And it will make you hold dear to this little bullet. It is one of the best vibrators that exist, you will see how you will obsess and spend a long time for your pleasure and your benefit, so dare to try it and give a review with your own experience.

The We-vibe sex Tango bulllet comes with a USB port that is rechargeable, which magnetically attaches to the bottom of your vibrating bullet. It is very easy and gives you pleasure for 90 minutes with two hours of use.

The vibration levels offered by We-vibe Tango are these:

  • Low level
  • Medium-low level
  • Average Height Level
  • High level
  • 9-pulse level, followed by other rapid pulses
  • Roller coaster level that goes from low to high
  • Fast pulse level
  • Cone level 2 long pulses and 3 fast pulses

Pros or cons


Perfect for clitoral stimulation

Brings strong vibrations that are rumbling

Easy grooming

It is waterproof

Easy to load

Bring a bag to put it


No one!

Advantages of Vibrating Bullets

As we delight you, this toy is very simple, but even so, before entering the subject, as an introduction, I will leave you the advantages of these bullets, so that you keep in mind that it will benefit you in many positive aspects despite being a toy so simple and easy to use. Do not be fooled, despite its simplicity you can achieve very fun and pleasant moments using them:

Here we detail them a little more:

  • They are Discreet:

As you can know these vibrating bullets are super discreet, even so, the model varies, they will go unnoticed and you can store and transport them without anyone noticing. If you are modest and you like to have your sexual preferences in private, this type of toy is perfect for you.

  • Good price

Believe it or not, they are cheaper than any other type of vibrator on the market, so if you don’t want to spend so much money on sex toys this is the perfect option for you.

  • Easy Hygiene

As you know, these are easy to clean, either with soap and water or with special products for cleaning and maintenance of your toys.

  • Different sizes

Despite being simple you will find vibrating bullets of all sizes, imagine that there are some so small that you can compare them with a USB or if you like them bigger you can find the size you want.

  • They are Powerful

Do not be fooled by their appearance, despite their size have power and can make you spend intense and pleasant moments.

What do you stimulate with We-vibe sex tango bullet and how do you use them?

First of all, we must tell you that there is no wrong or correct way to use it. This goes beyond the needs and erogenous zones of each person. This depends on your body and area and what you like. Anyway, we will be as clear as possible, here we leave you which areas you can stimulate with your vibrating bullet:

  1. Stimulation of the erogenous zones

In any sexual relationship, whether in a couple or individual, pleasure is not focused only on penetration, with this we want to invite you to explore the points of pleasure that exist in your body. These areas can be your breasts, anus, perineum, English, or more. You can use it off without the vibrate function, it is just a matter of feeling little by little and increasing.

  1. Individual stimulation

Many people use these vibrating bullets for their stimulation. By this, I mean that you can benefit from being alone with your vibrating bullet without using other types of stimulation. For example, you can stimulate yourself with strokes or vibrations.

  1. Couple stimulation

Studies confirm that adding sex toys to your relationship improves significantly. If you add the vibrating bullet it will make everything take a different meaning. For example, the idea is for your partner to penetrate you while stimulating your clitoris, this can be done with your vibrating bullet easily and simply. In a nutshell, we invite you to put your imagination and creativity, remember that you set the limits.


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