Ose’ Robotic G-Spot Massager Review

The real name of the area called G-spot in the female body is Gräfenberg spot and its discovery was made by a doctor specialist in sexology named Beverly Whipple, who experimenting with a series of different movements with her fingers, noticed that by moving them as if she was calling someone with her fingers, inside the vagina, a physical response of the body was generated, so intense that it can achieve female orgasms.
In terms of pleasure, it is said that this point is the epicenter of the female body to achieve the most desired sensations that lead to an unsuspected ecstasy, using a G-spot Massager to achieve stimulation is an alternative for ladies looking to live unforgettable moments.

What is the G-spot?

It is an area inside the vagina, which is part of the clitoral area, which indicates that each stimulation that is performed on this area, is a stimulation to the clitoral part, since the clitoris is a larger area than it seems, the visible part where it joins the inner lip, this area is the glans of the clitoris, and is only the tip of this sensitive organ, which is divided into two branches that can have up to four inches in length.

Depending on the woman, this region varies, motivated by this is its difficult location, however, it is known that when you achieve its location and proper and efficient stimulation the woman experiences very pleasurable sensations, to the point that you can get to experience the so-called squirt or female ejaculations, with an ose’ robotic massager is feasible to achieve a wonderful moment like this.

How can a lady find her G-spot?

The location of this area can be a complicated task, there is no plan or map that can indicate in what specific part of the female genital tract is located, however it is not an impossible task location, it is not appropriate for women to look for it in a sex session with your partner, it is more efficient to find it through self-exploration, follow certain steps may be convenient.

  • The first thing is to find a point of relaxation and tranquility, without rushing, it is about taking time to get to know each other.
  • You have to start an exploration calmly, pampering your body and looking for the best way to feel.
  • Start by gently massaging the opening of the vagina before inserting your fingers.
  • When you start to feel arousal, that you feel your body starts to heat up and ask for more, use your fingers gently inserting them slowly into your vagina, and this is where you should have a personal massager at hand.
  • Explore with your fingers going up as if you were looking for your navel, and make movements as if you were calling with your fingers, try to identify the place that generates the sensation you crave, repeat the movements as they generate sensation, do not make movement in and out, focus on the area that produces the sensation you expect.
  • Once you get that point of maximum excitement, use the ose’ robotic massager, it is a sex toy that can provide you with the most unimaginable moments of pleasure.

What is an ose’ robotic massager?

This is a device made to teach women the true ways to pleasure, it has the shape of a C, and its special design offers the possibility of adjusting to anybody, simulates human contact, combining the massage of the G-spot and the glans of the clitoris, making you feel pleasure in both parts at the same time, through vibrations and soft suctions.

The ose’ robotic massager comes with a USB cable for charging, is compatible with different types of USB wall chargers, this device turns off with just a touch, and is equipped with buttons and an ergonomic control panel, and its button panel has 10 settings in its intensity, to set the pace of pleasure you want.

How does the ose’ personal massager work?

This clitoral stimulator has been designed to reproduce the sensations produced by the mouth and tongue on the glans clitoris, for it has very soft ridges that sit inside the labia major, providing rhythmic buzzing in the body of the entire structure of the clitoris.

The G-spot Massager mimics the movement of the fingers, and its settings are customized by determining the speed and length of each stroke on the G-spot, the angles allow it to be adapted to a wide range of angles allow it to adapt to a wide variety of anatomies with great comfort.

The biomimicry used for manufacturing has copied human movements such as mouth suction, tongue movements and finger movements and converted them into microrobotic movements by adapting them with subjective measurements for pressure and frequency control, which have been optimized with specialized software and then programmed into these mechanical devices.

For its proper functioning it uses a motor, and also a gear box that have been customized in order to provide a full stroke movement in the narrow area to achieve a very optimal internal stimulation, provides sensations of strokes by means of positive air pressure, instead of vibrations or suction, and produces sensations throughout the vulva with peculiar shape.

The way to find pleasure with ose’ personal massager

Ose’ robotic massager molds to fit any woman’s body, without losing its shape:

  • With the massager off, bend it slightly and use a water-based lubricant and moisturizers to insert it into the vagina.
  • Turn it on and initiate an exploration to align the movement of the finger with your G-spot.
  • Make sure the stimulating finger of the device is fully inserted into the vagina.

Turn it off and remove it to determine how much to bend the ose’ robotic massager finger to make contact with the clitoris and at the same time with the G-spot, repeat the operation several times until you manage to bend it with the perfect fit for greater stimulation.

The curve you manage to give the massager will help you control the amount of the massager’s finger that should be introduced into the vagina to reach the G-spot while still having contact on the outside with the glans of the clitoris, which should be inside the mouth of the massager’s clitoris.

Once you have achieved the curvature that gives you G-spot contact and the clitoris is inside the mouth of the massager’s clitoris, turn it on and surrender to ecstasy.

Ose’ robotic massager Price

The price of this device is currently around $290.00, there are retail websites that offer it with up to four installments of $72.50 with no interest charges.


Ose’ Robotic Massager Reviews

There are endless good comments about this G-spot Massager, there are testimonials from ladies who claim to have reached climaxes exaggeratedly complete with the use of this massager, even having a partner comment on the exceptional experience they have lived with the ose’ robotic massager.

They brand it as the king of orgasm lovers, the osé personal massager has given them revelations, it can take a long or short time, they say that just a few minutes are enough to live an unequaled orgasmic madness, there are ladies who take it on trips, and although they go alone they assure that the fun is total, so much so that even their partners get jealous when they are away from home.

Some sexual positions for an efficient stimulation of the G-spot

The most difficult part of (heterosexual) sex is avoiding the monotony of relationships and getting both partners satisfied. And in this case women lose out, as there are many who do not know how to reach orgasm and, what is almost worse, have partners who do not even know where the G-spot is.

Not reaching climax with another human being is a serious problem that affects 50% of women between the ages of 18 and 35, according to Laurie Mintz, professor of Psychology and Sexology at the University of Florida, in her book ‘Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters – And How to Get It’. Other research, conducted by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, shows that only 61.6% of women climax during sex, while men climax 85.5% of the time.

But we can always reverse the data, reader. Today we’re going to tell you about the famous G-spot and how to stimulate it.

Deep throat

She lies on her back, with her legs resting on his shoulders. He can be squatting on the bed or standing, as we see in the picture. Ideally, she should raise her pelvis a little or place a pillow under her coccyx, so that the penis hits the G-spot. Pleasure guaranteed

The deep rear

Both are lying ‘flat’ and face down. The man is on top and penetrates the woman from behind. It is a position that, if she brings her legs together and raises her pelvis, will impact her G-spot. It is extremely pleasurable, especially for men who like to dominate in bed and for women who want to be submissive.

The squeezer is betting on the winning horse.

As we see in the image, it is similar to the previous one but in this one both are more erect. You should look for the angle so that she feels that her G-spot is stimulated. This position is also very pleasurable for them, as they feel more pressure on the penis.

The playful doggy

Finally, we bring you the playful doggy. It is the conventional doggy style but in a position that allows the penis to reach deeper into the vagina. Conquest in that, when the woman is on all fours, the man must grab her hips and ‘climb’ them against him to make the penetration deeper.

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