How to use Kegel Balls or Ben wa Balls: Step-By-Step Guide

Have you ever heard of Kegel exercises and what does it work for? But you may not be sure what are the benefits it brings you, how it is done and how to enjoy this experience to the fullest. Well, if you are interested in strengthening your pelvic floor for sexual health and well-being, keep reading, here we give you a quick and basic guide on how to start this whole process and all the secrets never told.

Talking about these exercises, they are directly linked to the pelvic floor and it is that even though it is one of the most important parts of the woman’s body, it is still unknown territory for many of them.

Don’t worry, we were all there at some point, so, just so that you have no doubt, we will talk about different topics and instruments that are linked to Kegel exercises, which in turn are part of this process.

Chinese Balls or Ben-wa-balls:

Although its name refers to this Asian country, the ben-wa-balls or Kegel balls are linked to the traditional Japanese balls which are known as geisha balls. It is a pair of balls, which are joined by cords that at the same time have other smaller balls inside that move with the movements, these, when hitting the walls of the larger ball, generate vibrations.

Contrary to what many believe, the goal of this tool is to improve pelvic floor health, not to use them for pleasure in sex. Not, for this reason, women cannot deny that when they use them, they feel vibrations that become explicitly pleasant for their libido.

Kegel balls are not complicated, but you have to know how they work to understand the benefits they provide us. Each ball contains smaller balls that generate vibrations when colliding with it. These work the muscles that are inside the vagina, significantly strengthening them. When using them, the pelvic floor contracts, as a reflex to prevent them from coming out of place, in addition to the internal vibration causing contractions of this muscle.

For all this, this tool should be used on the move, it will be useless to introduce them and stay sitting or lying in bed, you have to let them act while we do our activities for the day.

How To Choose the Right Type of Balls for You

You have to go for the opinion of a professional to guide you which is indicated for your pelvic floor and the muscles, weight, and size vary according to the body, each case is different. Once you know the state of your muscles and pelvic floor, now you must get an exerciser with the appropriate weight and size. The sizes of the Kegel balls vary between 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm, the smallest is ideal for people who have not given birth or for those who feel comfortable with this size.

The pelvic floor will seek to contract to prevent the balls from coming out and keep them inside the vagina. The intensity of the use of the balls will always depend on the position you are doing (standing, walking, lying on the floor) and of course the weight of the balls.

To choose these ben-wa-balls or Kegel balls, you have to know the importance of keeping them in place and not coming out of your vagina. So that this vibration produced by the shock of these is transmitted throughout the area and the walls of the vagina. The objective of these balls is not just to place them, the task is to keep them inside your vagina.

So you have to start with beginner level ones that are oversized and lighter. Once you get the right ones for you, you manage to get the necessary muscle tone to carry them inside without voluntarily contracting, you are ready to move on to other smaller balls if you feel ready for that. You can include more weight or join two more balls and carry them at the same time as the others. You can combine them if you have balls of different weights.

Proper Sizes and Weights of Chinese Balls

To choose the weight or the vaginal cones, we recommend that you acquire a kit that comes with different weights, sizes and little by little you progress and test your strength training. Remember that the weights or these cones would be suitable for you if you are looking to exercise but you cannot increase muscle tone with them.

You can also exercise your pelvic floor with dildos, before choosing one remember the size, it should be the one for you and your comfort. The dimensions and shapes of these tools are different from that of Chinese balls and weights.

Another good news for you is that as a curious fact and in a computerized way is that another way to strengthen the walls of the vagina is through orgasm. So in reality, any sex toy that gives you pleasure and makes you reach orgasm will help you exercise (jiggle balls, sex ball toy, dildos). So you have no other excuse to enjoy and put your pelvic floor to work.

How To Use Ben-Wa-Balls or Kegel Balls:

Although it may be a bit scary, they are very easy to use. Although, normally, it costs you a bit at first, let me tell you that with practice you will be able to master it well. Here is a guide on how you can place your Chinese balls for the first time:

  1. RELAXATION: Find a suitable place where you are comfortable and relaxed, whether sitting, lying down, standing, or bending over. Remember to wash your hands before the process and relax to begin.
  2. LUBRICATION: we recommend you buy a water-based lubricant, especially for all those beginners, just put a few drops on the balls, and if you want you can lubricate the area inside your vagina.
  3. PLACEMENT: Once the lubricant has been applied, insert the balls with the help of your hands, imagine that you are placing a tampon, try that the cord is slightly exposed from your vagina so that you can extract them easily and quickly.
  4. MOVEMENTS: Once inside, you just have to stand up and start walking and moving wherever you want. with the help of gravity and your muscles will do the work by themselves.

TIPS: If you do not tolerate them, you can do the exercise lying on your back, with your hand on the cord, and with the contraction, you will try to prevent them from coming off. It is a kind of pulsation that is performed to strengthen and that they can be sustained without problems.

How Long Should I Use Them?

We recommend that you use them progressively. Start by walking in them for about 15 minutes for the first two weeks and then try to wear them for 30 minutes. If over time you notice discomfort the day after its use. Stop using it for a few days and then start again for another week.

Kegel Exercises

Now, in terms of Kegel exercises, these are simple exercises to contract the muscle of the pelvic area, this will improve and strengthen the contraction of the muscles inside the pelvic floor. It is not as complicated as what you probably ever imagined or were told.

Here we explain how you can simply practice these exercises:

Locate The Muscles of Your Pelvic Floor:

Although it sounds silly, this is the first step before starting the exercises. You must locate exactly its location and how to feel it. The easiest way to locate it is when you are urinating, you do it by cutting off the urine output. This way you will be contracting the pelvic floor so you will know where it is located. Do this exercise until you master the location, but we do not recommend it as a regular practice because it can be harmful to health.

Time Of Practice:

You should start contracting in short intervals of 1 second contracting and another 3 seconds relaxing the area. Then you can increase in longer intervals. About 3 seconds of contraction and another 6 seconds of relaxation.

In this way, you work the two groups of muscles that are on the pelvic floor, which respond with fast contractions and those that respond to slower ones.

These exercises are basic and can be done while at home without the help of any instrument. To begin to notice the benefits that these exercises bring you, we recommend doing them 3 to 4 times a day for about 5 or 8 weeks. Later you can increase Kegel exercise weights.

Important fact: During practice remember that you must hold your breath while doing the contractions of the muscles and when releasing air while relaxing the muscles.


Benefits Of Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

To close, we leave you a list of the great benefits that the practice and exercise of the pelvic floor bring you. Either through the Ben wa balls or the Kegel Balls or with the Kegel Exercises.

  1. The benefits of strengthening this area go beyond the prevention of urinary incontinence.
  2. It can be said that it improves your sexual life by making the sensations of penetration a little more intense.
  3. By improving your sex life, your sex drive automatically increases.

Increases the lubrication of the vaginal area naturally.

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