How to Use Anal Beads: A Step by Step Guide

When it comes to sex, there’s not really an instruction guide or a “how-to” manual you can dependably rely upon during “the deed”. And while getting some tips from your aunt or uncle / best friend / random guy or girl on the internet may be an available option, the fact that each person is different and varied in what works for them -at what pressure, and at what speed, at what time of the experience- means that no course will truly be perfect for you and your partner outside of strong and good communication.

Thankfully, sex toys are a bit more straightforward.

Complex in their own way, sex toys are a great way to supplement your own abilities during sex or simply magnify the already existing pleasure either of you feel in the bedroom. This is particularly true especially if you are considering to buy anal beads.

Anal beads might look a bit scary when you first see them, but, for many, they are an excellent way to stimulate the anus as well as the prostate. In many opinions, their numerous beads act in a much fuller and more satisfying way than butt plugs or prostate massagers.

Anal beads are a great way to add a number of incredible sensations and a higher level of pleasure for the person it is used on, but only if it is used correctly and properly. In this breakdown, we will go over what anal beads are and their overall use during sex. We will also give you a step-by-step guide on how to use them so that they are not only safe but incredibly fun as well.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

What are Anal Beads

As the name implies, anal beads are used for the, well… anus. The sex toy offers a number of different pleasurable functions, with the most common being the simple act of warming the body up to anal sex and anal stimulation. The series of spherical beads that make up the item are connected together via a long string, ended off with either a flared loop or a handle.

The purpose of anal beads is to be slowly inserted into the anus in order to stimulate and arouse the internal erogenous zones, including the prostate gland for those that have them. As they are inserted, the person will get a gradually increasing sensation of being “filled-in” that is not too dissimilar to deep penetrative vaginal sex for women. The feeling is generally also accompanied by a “popping” sensation as the beads are either inserted or removed. This is due to the string neck being quite slim between each bead.

Anal beads come in a plethora of different colors and styles. There are small anal beads, giant anal beads, anal beads that progressively grow in size, vibrating anal beads, and many many others.

Who Should Use Anal Beads

When it comes to who should and shouldn’t use anal beads, it’s kind of a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, from men to women to nonbinary, anal beads are uniform in their pleasure potential. It doesn’t matter what equipment you were born with or what you decided to give yourself, we all have an anus. That means that everyone, no matter the gender, can find these toys to be exceptionally gratifying.
If there were any particular group that might find them the “most” pleasurable, it would actually be those that have a prostate gland. Similar to everyone else, individuals with a prostate gland still feel the full effects of having their anal erogenous zones stimulated. In addition, however, they will also experience a whole new wave of pleasure via stimulation of the prostate. For many men, this is an unknown feeling that is highly unexpected but even more highly enjoyed. While there is still some taboo surrounding it, anal beads for men and male stimulation is widely prevalent around the US and the world at large precisely because of this reason.

So if you are a man that is gay, curious, or just interested in seeing what all the fuss is about, picking up a strand of these sex beads may certainly be worth a try.

How to Use Anal Beads

Great, now that we know what they are and who will get the absolute most pleasure out of them, let’s get into how you can and should properly use them. It’s important that, for the best all-around experience, you follow all of these steps. While rarely will there be any negative consequences for not doing any of these things, if you want to experience the most pleasure and the least amount of discomfort, make sure you follow as many of the steps as possible.

Step 1: Safety

First things, first, when it comes to using anal beads (or any sex toy for that matter) it is important to ensure that safety is always the first consideration to take into account. While these objects are incredibly satisfying and pleasurable, that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong.


Whenever purchasing an item, make sure they are of good quality and durable material. The last thing you want is for there to be a misshapen bead or a poor quality neck thread going inside of you. In addition to being potentially quite uncomfortable, these items could break while inside of you, potentially lodging the bead as a blockage in your anus. We don’t have to tell you how serious this can be as a problem.

Even if it’s a bit more expensive, make sure you are using high-quality sex beads that are made from durable materials.


Next up is cleanliness. When doing anything with the anus, you want to make sure it is as clean as possible. No matter if you are using anal beads, engaging in analingus (rimming), or performing anal sex, you want to make sure that your rectal hygiene is on point. This generally means investing in an anal douche or an enema kit and using it regularly.

Specifically for the anal beads, after every use, you want to wash them with warm water with soap and a clean washcloth. Then, either air dry it or with another clean washcloth. If you have any vaginal sex toys like vibrators or dildos, you want to ideally keep them in two separate areas to ensure maximum cleanliness.


Finally, there’s lubrication. We’ll get into this a bit more later in the breakdown, but, because the rectum does not naturally lubricate the way a penis or vagina does, an extra emphasis is placed on proper (and even over) lubrication.

Using a good quality lubricant every time you use anal beads or interact with the anus will make sure you are enjoying the experience as well as prevent any potential scratches or tears inside the rectum.

Step 2: Comfort

Now that you have ensured that everything is functioning properly and safety has been fully established, you’re next going to make sure you are in a relaxed and comfortable mood. This is one of the more unspoken aspects of anal sex and anal stimulation as a whole. Similar to women during vaginal sex, if you are not comfortable, or are particularly tensed up, the various lower-body muscles become incredibly tight, making any type of insertion or penetration either impossible or very painful.

The way to resolve this is to engage in a number of different things that will put you in a relaxed state, releasing any tension and tightness in the body so that things (in this case, beads) can go in and out without any resistance. Here are just a few ways you can relax your body, especially if this is your first time using anal beads.

Long Shower or Bath

One of the fastest and easiest ways to relax is by taking a long and warm shower or bath. Not only does the warm water loosen and relax the muscles, but you’ll also be able to do a final cleaning of the butt, helping you stay even more comfortable as a result.

Emptying your Stomach

This is twofold. Again, like showering or bathing, taking one last trip to the bathroom will not only ensure that any buildup of the day’s earlier lunch isn’t going to cause a problem later, but you’ll have another chance to use the anal douche to clean out any potential straggling bits. This is incredibly important for giving you peace of mind, thereby relaxing you even further.

Use the Beads in Masturbation

Another secret ingredient that is never given its proper importance, a key method of relaxing and feeling comfortable with anal beads (as well as any sex toy or any anal play) is to get comfortable using them yourself on yourself. This means that, during masturbation, you practice using and inserting them inside yourself.

Why is this important, and how is it a secret ingredient? Because, like it or not, there is always a feeling of self-consciousness and vulnerability when having sex with another person. “Do I look good naked to them?”, “Is my penis / are my boobs too big/small for them?”, “Am I doing this right?”, “Are they enjoying themselves too?” Many of these questions can clutter our minds during sex of any kind and potentially cause us to “lock-up” or tighten up as a result. As we’ve already discussed earlier, when it comes to anal bead usage, you want to be as loose and relaxed as possible.

By getting comfortable with anal beads on your own, you’ll know how your body feels when using them as well as what feels right and what doesn’t. This removes the potential anxiety you may feel if you are just experiencing the process for the first time with a partner. That means, when the time comes and you are ready to try this with another person, you’ll feel ready, confident, and, most importantly, relaxed.

Step 3: Prepare the Lube

After cleaning yourself up, taking responsible safety measures, and properly relaxing the body, you’re now going to be lubricating everything. As stated earlier, the rectum doesn’t naturally lubricate the same way a penis or vagina does, nor is wet and moist like a mouth is. Therefore, you are going to want to get it as wet and lubricated as possible, in addition to lubricating the beads.

If this is your first time, you’ll want to opt for a water-based lubricant. These are the most beginner-friendly lubes available and have the widest range of uses while none of the drawbacks that come with some of the other options out there.

When it comes to properly lubricating your anus, you’re going to want to pour some onto your fingers and run them around your butt. After doing this a few times, consider adding a bit more and slowly pushing them inside yourself. After you feel sufficiently lubed up, make sure that you similarly cover the beads in lube as well. Take your time with this step and don’t rush. This is doubly important for huge or giant anal beads, as they stretch out the anus much more than the smaller options. Similarly, you plan on ripping out anal beads during the experience rather than slowly removing them, proper lubrication is also very important.

Step 4: Proper Insertion

Now, after you’ve gotten your body and mind in a state where you are ready to receive the anal beads, your final step is to put them in. Now is where the fun begins. If you’ve followed every step on this list correctly, this will actually be the easiest part, which is kind of the point. I cannot stress this enough. If you try this part and it is not a particularly easy process, or there is uncomfortable pain of any kind, that means you didn’t do one of the earlier steps correctly. Go back and start from the beginning.

If you have followed the earlier steps, your final step is going to be to use one hand to slowly insert the anal beads into you while using the other hand to properly guide them into the anus itself. If everything is working smoothly, the beads should easily slip inside your rectum, giving you a warm and incredible sensation of being “filled up”. Then, after you feel your body has been filled enough, slowly pull them out. This back-and-forth process will act slightly similar to standard penetrative sex with a penis with your body growing more aroused with each process, ultimately resulting in an orgasm. For many, this orgasm is regarded as being much stronger than a standard orgasm, while others enjoy it simply due to its novelty.

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And with that, you have had your first experience with anal beads. As you grow more experienced with them and include your partner in the activity, the pleasure and sensations will only grow. Later, after you have fully understood the anal beads as well as how your body reacts to them, consider different styles and sizes for whole new forms of pleasure.

Instead of slowly removing them, consider ripping out anal beads after they have been fully inserted in the body for an intensely pleasurable experience. Similarly, consider trying out huge anal beads or giant ones to really heighten the stimulation.

Anal beads are a fun way to spice up sex and masturbation and add new dimensions of arousal and orgasm that you may have never thought possible.

Simply follow this guide and all the safety tips and your ass can get in on the love too.

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