How to satisfy a man sexually in bed till he cums

In the early stages of a relationship, a man is easily pleased and might be aroused by the slightest touch. However, it’s difficult to maintain excitement in a relationship, even if you are really gorgeous and seductive, after you’ve been together for a time.

How To Please a Man in Bed

It doesn’t matter what stage your relationship is in or how you feel about it, sexual connection is essential to keeping the flame burning.

Each man has his own preferences when it comes to what will get and retain his interest. On the other hand, most men are satisfied by a combination of a handful of things and follow a fairly consistent pattern. As long as you keep things interesting in bed, satisfying your man should be a breeze.

Being pleasured mutually is a must

The key to great sex is making each other happy. That’s why it’s crucial to always pay attention to your needs and those of your partner. In many cases, women choose to ignore what they actually want. They put the needs of their partner ahead of their own, which leads to problems in the bedroom. Always keep in mind that your partner, assuming he is the right one for you, wants you to have as much fun as he does.

Don’t second-guess yourself and instead exude confidence.

Being confident of oneself exudes a magnetic allure. It sends a message that you are confident in who you are and what you want, and that you are also sexually attuned.

Naturally, we all have our share of petty doubts. You can’t help but feel emotions; it’s part of being human. But you should never make the mistake of bringing them into the bedroom with you.

You shouldn’t be self-conscious about your appearance or performance in the sex arena, whether that’s your bedroom or your kitchen. After all, a man will only have sex with you if he thinks you sexually attractive.


It’s impossible to make a bad decision if you decide to begin with the lips.

Making out stimulates a person’s libido. If you want to make him feel special, move your lips to his neck and linger there.

Next, carefully nibble his ear before working your way back to his neck and eventually his groin. Make up with him all over.

He’ll get as hard as a rock just from thinking about getting a blow job.

The passionate nature of your kisses can be adjusted as well. You can be slow and tender, or possessive and passionate, with or without lip nibbling.

Your lips are so gentle on his skin that it will send shivers up and down his spine. A simple kiss may do wonders, but we often overlook its power.

Flirt with each other

Flirting can be done in a variety of ways, each guaranteed to increase your partner’s desire for you.

Whether it’s a naughty word in his ear, a provocative question, or a sexually suggestive remark made in public, words are potent instruments. It’s also possible to say something seemingly innocuous that could trigger vivid memories of the steamy sex you shared in the past with him.

The use of body language in flirting can also be quite effective. Simply looking at him in the right way can elicit a tight boner at times.

When no one is looking, give him your whole attention by licking your lips. To really drive him crazy, pretend to give yourself a blowjob by forcing your tongue deep into the inside of your cheek.

Talk dirty

One need not restrict themselves to sexting alone in order to engage in some naughty talk. It’s far more enjoyable in person.

If ever there was a time to push past your fears, it’s now. Have courage and stop letting your shyness hold you back.

One can never go wrong while talking dirty. There is no such thing as going too far, and the only way to totally blow it is to be visibly ashamed the whole time.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. If this is the first time you’ve slept with this person, it’s probably best to ease into it or skip over the dirty chat altogether.

Doing something you don’t want to do just to get it over with is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Everything will be doomed from the start once your partner feel your anxiety.

It’s all about the foreplay

When combined with the previous steps, any form of contact that does not involve intercourse will drive your boyfriend absolutely insane. It’s a warm up for real sex, which can be just as satisfying.

Foreplay’s entire premise is to build up excitement so that the sexual act itself is more of a thrill.

Foreplay is the doorway to pleasure, and you may want to know how to delight a man in bed step by step. Foreplay is o ne of the things men enjoy doing in the bedroom, contrary to common belief.

If you think males are exclusively interested in penetration, think again; they like oral sex, snuggling, passionately kissing, and the anticipation all of these activities excite men just as much as women do.

Erogenous Spots that Will Arouse Your Man Sexually

There are specific areas of the body that, when stimulated or touched, give rise to sexual sensations. The satisfaction and thrill of sex can be amplified by stimulating erogenous zones.

Both men and women have sexually active parts of their bodies. However, male erogenous zones are rarely brought up for discussion. The following are some of the ‘sexiest’ part of a man’s body, all of which should be given your full attention before, during, and after any sexual act.

  • Ears

The ear can be a very enticing erogenous zone for both men and women. Ears, and particularly earlobes, have very thin, sensitive skin that is easily stimulated. Additionally, hundreds of sensory receptors are housed within and can be activated.

Your ears are a very practical part of your body, therefore you shouldn’t overlook them. Ears can be kissed, licked, and nibbled, among other things.

  • Lips

Lips are an attractive feature for everyone, but they are so necessary that we cannot ignore them. Touching or kissing them can increase a person’s arousal and desire for sexual pleasure because of how sensitive and tender they are.

If you want to get to know someone better before kissing them, try tracing their lips with your tongue or even your fingertips. It’s also possible to go for a light kiss, a passionate one, or even just a peck on the bottom lip. Enjoying oneself in this erogenous zone can be done in a variety of ways.

  • Scalp

It is possible to excite this erogenous zone in a number of ways. An erogenous zone can be stimulated by lightly touching a man’s scalp. Some other fantastic options are scalp massages and light tugs on the hair.

  • Inner thigh

The inner thigh is the one surefire way to get a man horny right away. If you’re trying to put off having an orgasmic experience, working on this area may help.

Instead of focusing just on the penis, try rubbing the inside of your man’s thigh. He may feel arousal, but it won’t be strong enough to cause him to orgasm. The inner thigh is a fantastic erogenous zone that not only helps to keep men aroused, but also helps to extend your sexual activity.

  • Neck

When it comes to foreplay, the neck is where it’s at. A mere touch on the neck, let alone a kiss, may send tingles all across the body.

The neck is an erogenous zone that can be explored with the hands and lips. One technique is to start at the back of his neck, work one’s way around behind his ears, and work one’s way forward.

Things Men Want You To Do During Sex

  • Let Him Dominate You

Many couples have a set sex routine, complete with a set routine time, location, and even a set position. Even though he might not take any concrete steps to change the situation, men do desire the freedom to break routines and assume complete leadership. Let him take control by taking out one of his silk ties and binding your hands together. We think you’ll be happy with the decision.

  • Try an Unthinkable Activity

The vast majority of the men we has a desire to experiment with or increase their anal sex experiences. Because of the taboo nature of the act and the exposure it demands on your part, it is something men desire but are afraid to recommend. Start talking to your partner about trying anal if you think you both might like it.

  • Give in to His Fantasies

It is worth it to simply ask sometimes. The same way that no two women are alike, no two guys have the same desires. Find out your partner’s deepest sex desires by asking him directly. You’ll never know if he wants to be dominated by you or just see you in a certain piece of lingerie unless you ask. If you’re in a good place with each other and he feels safe sharing his thoughts and feelings, he’ll be more than happy to do so.

  • Include a Sex Toy

Do you believe sex toys are only for use when one wishes to engage in sexual activity alone? You can check the sex toys available at Don’t discount the idea of sharing sex objects; there are lots of items designed with couples in mind. You may even put on a sensual show by demonstrating how you like to use your new favorite vibrator.

  • Use Your Mouth

It may seem like stating the obvious, but we must insist that men enjoy receiving blow jobs. And they adore it when you do something for us without our even having to ask. Don’t wait for his birthday to spring a surprise on him; do it now.

  • Have Fun Somewhere Other Than Bed

Many men’s fantasies involve having sex in unconventional places. Regular sex is fine, but he may want to switch things up every once in a while, which is healthy for both of you. Get wild in front of your fireplace one day, or, while the kids are away at a sleepover, you may simply straddle him on the couch (with the TV turned off, of course).

Can a man be sexually satisfied without ejaculating

Men of different ages may have varied opinions on this matter.

Many young guys (obviously generalizing here) view ejaculation as the pinnacle of sex; hence, experiencing an orgasm is their ultimate goal.

It’s possible that older guys are equally as happy as younger ones as long as their partners enjoy themselves sexually. It doesn’t matter if one or neither of them cums as long as they’re having a good time together.

Having fun is what sex should be all about. While the experience of an orgasmic climax is undeniably pleasurable, so too are all the other aspects of a sexual activity.

Types of Vagina that Men Love

There is a wide variety of vaginal sizes, colors, and forms. Men, like women, have their preferences among the many possible choices. Here are the best types of vaginas for male gratification.

  1. Bone head vagina

Skinny women often have vaginas that are bony and small because of their body type. They’re especially popular among men because of the snugger fit they provide, which leads to an unforgettable climax. In addition to boosting men’s self-esteem, they eliminate the constant anxiety of not being physically adequate.

  1. Virginal vagina

Having a tight virginal vagina is a certain way to win over a partner. Sex and stimulation are heightened by the close fit. They’ll assume your vagina was designed with them in mind because of how well it fits.

  1. Fatty lip vagina

The fatty lip vagina is a favorite among men because of its exceptional tenderness. They give off the impression of being easy to find and a pleasure to kiss. There are hardly ever any ingrown hairs in a fatty lip vagina.

  1. The expert vagina

Men are drawn to women who have had plenty of practice and are always ready for action. There’s a certain tightness and texture about it that’s guaranteed to please all the dudes.

  1. Peek-a-boo vagina

If your vagina has a “peek-a-boo” opening, it’s because your clitoris is trying to tease you in the most satisfying way possible. A simple touch or tickle to the clitoris may be all it takes to arouse you. For men, experiencing one of these orgasms is a sign that they are succeeding at what they set out to do in life.

Hottest Sex Positions That Men Absolutely Love

If you’re looking to spice up your sexual life and drive him crazy in bed, you definitely have to master the sex positions that men absolutely like. Most men will go to great lengths in the bedroom to make sure their partner is completely comfortable and fulfilled during sex. Right now it is your chance to show gratitude.

Switching roles is a certain way to get a man horny. Since sex positions are so crucial, here’s a list of the most popular ones among men. These are not your typical, repetitive missionary positions, though.

  • Standing position

You’ll need a few tries before you can do this right. It’s a standing position, with your man entering from behind you. With this position, you can get creative with how you use the space in your kitchen. Or, while he does his thing, just lean forward and hang on to the kitchen worktop.

  • Woman on top

No man seems to dislike this particular position. This puts you in a position of power and control. When women take charge in bed, it’s a major turn-on for men. There’s no way a guy can stand the woman at the top. When you want to go gently or really fast, it’s up to you to decide. Keep him on his toes.

  • The reverse cowgirl stance

The reverse cowgirl posture is a popular sex position among men. The woman here is positioned over the male, with her back to him. There isn’t much in the way of physical contact, but the stroking is sure to get your man all riled up. Simply turning your head and giving someone a glimpse is enough to ratchet up the tension.

  • Spooning

This is an extremely intimate sex position because of the extensive body contact that is possible. You’ll both need to lie on the floor next to each other so the male can slip into you. You can be held securely by the man with your back to him. To spice things up, you can turn slightly so that the male can see you while you have sex.

  • The Lap Dance

I mean, come on, who doesn’t enjoy having sex in different places? As your partner sits in a wooden chair, pull the chair over and sit on top of him. You’re free to face him or not, but either way, you’ll make your daddy weak in the knees. He’ll enjoy the sensation of being straddled and under your total power. In this posture, you may watch your man while smothering him in kisses.

How to Make a Man Cum in A Few Steps

Good Kissing

To put it bluntly, a lack of chemistry during a kiss can be really off-putting. Many believe that if you can’t master the art of kissing, you’ll also have trouble with the challenges of other sex activities. The secret to becoming a great kisser is to ease into it.

Make use of your tongue, move your lips gently, change the angle of your head, and draw the other person closer. When you’re with a new person, attempt to limit the amount of saliva you exchange. If you aren’t expecting it, a slobbery kiss can be a bit much, yet there are others who enjoy them.

Put your hands on them

A good method to show that you know your way around their body is to pay special attention to some of the nerves that rarely get any love. By subtly reassuring your lover that you find them very attractive, you can offer them a boost in self-esteem simply by stroking their body.

Repeat this process on the inside of their legs. The arousal of a partner can be increased by stimulating blood flow to this area, which in turn can result in more powerful erections and more intense orgasms. Light a massage candle if you’re in the mood for some additional romance. You can use this to your advantage by dripping warm wax all over their body.

Give them a nice, sexy hand-job

With a little lube, your fingers will glide effortlessly over your partner’s penis and other tender spots. The head of the penis, not the complete shaft, is where you want to put your focus. Gentle, repeated rolling up and down of the foreskin over the penis head is typically the secret to a wonderful climax for those who have foreskins.

If they’ve already had a circumcision, the rolling motion can begin right below the head; just be sure to use plenty of lubrication to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Use a masturbation sleeve on your lover to take the hand job to the next level of indulgence. The bumps and ridges inside this tube-shaped sex object are both incredibly realistic and extremely exciting.

Give Your Man a Nice Blow Job

Some people really enjoy oral sex, while others aren’t as into it. Licking up the shaft is a good technique to lengthen play and keep things interesting, but if your partner is on board, you should focus on the head. You can add some flavor by using flavored lube.

To increase the pleasure of oral sex, remember to use your hands to massage their shaft, balls, and perineum (the area between their balls and butt).

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